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Back on the ice with Glory

It has been so wonderful to be back on the ice and getting to work with such an amazing team! It is so lovely to be able to revisit this story season after season and get to grow alongside this show.

If you want to check out Glory by Tracey Power and you are near the Chemainus Theatre Festival come on by!

Artistic Team

Director James MacDonald

Choreographer Tracey Power

Set and Lighting Designer Narda McCarroll

Costume Designer Cindy Wiebe

Sound Designer Steven Charles

Stage Manager Gina Moe

Asst Stage Manager Cristina Hernandez

Appr Stage Manager Avery Fehr

Company Members

Morgan Yamada

Emma Rendell

Becky Frohlinger

Kate Dion-Richard

Brian Linds

Paige Fraser

This is helped by the four powerhouse performances given by the actors in this perfectly cast ensemble.
Seldom have I seen a cast so well-matched in their level of skill and each performance is superb...

(Photo by Don Bodger)

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