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Rates & Services

Fight Direction

As a Fight Director I provide stage combat choreography for theatrical productions, workshops, and individual coaching. I ensure the safety and authenticity of fight scenes, creating impactful moments for your audience.

Book a meeting to discuss the goals you want to accomplish with your stage combat training, classes (junior high, high school, university or community group or show's goals.


Stage Combat Instruction/Workshops


Looking to learn more about fighting on stage and in film.?

Book a meeting, and we can see what style of workshop works well for you, I can work in person and via zoom depending on the needs of the work you are looking to explore!

Fight Direction For Stage


Have a show with violence?

No problem. I have the tools to help you and your cast to create choreographed violence that is both safe and fits the artistic vision of your show. If you have any questions about pricing or specific request for your show, don't hesitate to contact me 
*These rates are based on CAEA | CTA Standards and will be adjusted to house size and budget equivalent. 

Stage Combat Coaching


Looking to learn more about fighting on stage and in film?

Book your own one-on-one coaching! We can look at stance, style and weapon handling, if pricing is a barrier send me a message and we can find some possibilities! 
I am looking to collaborate on:

"The workshops were fantastic!


My students had a lot of fun, and learned so much. They have definitely become more confident in their movement and even with making sounds/releasing breath.


Morgan was able to manage the classes very effectively, and I appreciate that she could meet the students where they were at, yet still have high expectations for their success.


She is patient and kind with the students and her one-on-one coaching helped them to all feel successful in the class"

Molly Danko
Louis St. Laurent School, SH Drama


For theatre work, please send an email to As a CAEA and ACTRA actor, I bring professionalism and dedication to every performance.



For film acting opportunities, contact Shawna Church at RJ Talent.


For the theatre project send an email my way with info about the project or book a meeting to chat!

"Still waters run deep in Morgan Yamada’s portrayal, but Nellie’s very private struggles never hold her back from being there for her team, both between the pipes and in the dressing room..."

Alberta Theatre Guide
Glory - Alberta Theatre Projects

Producing & Arts Admin

Need support in grant applications, workflow consultation, or project planning?


Azimuth Theatre

I work as one of the Artistic Producers of Azimuth Theatre.  Check out the work we do, we love collaboration so please get in touch!

Independent Arts Consultation or Support

I can help you navigate the production process form an Artistic Producing perspective and maximize your project's potential.

For presentations, podcasts or speaking engagements, contact me for rates or send an offer my way.
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